Wednesday, February 27, 2008

JOHN POLONIA 1968-2008

This week I was hit with some shocking news. John Polonia who is better known to most indie cult fans as one half of the duo the Polonia Brothers has passed away. He died suddenly of a heart aneurysm on the morning of February 25th at the very young age of 39. He leaves behind him a wife, a young son, his brother Mark, and family members and friends who will greatly miss him.

As a superfan of the Polonia Brothers I was struck hard by the news. I had spoken to him a month or so ago and he had mentioned several projects that he wanted to do including a homage to the old school Hercules flicks. And even though I did not know him on a personal level he was always a kind, outgoing, and very supportive guy. A true friend.

He was also a hero in my eyes, a champion of indie filmmaking, a true lover of genre films - a schlockhead. He alongside his brother could crank out a film on a weekend and despite the ridicule and rants that film would receive on this world wide web, he never once quit.

When others in his shoes would write retorts in the comments section of a blog defending their flicks, or even worse, just surrendering and never returning. He just kept writing and planning on the next project with his brother. In fact he and Mark would be the first to laugh at their films before critics could. For John to be able to do all of that just makes him one even more of a hero in my book.

I pity those who never knew him or the work he did with Mark, never once knowing how brilliant of a person he was or the long list of films made. Not to mention loss of the fantastic pulp he would've created. As far as I am concern the indie microcinema world has lost a large amount of it's heart. If there is one thing that we can do to honor him that would be to finally get off our asses and do the things we want to do whether that be make a movie, draw for a living, or whatever our heart desires.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, son, Mark, and family and friends. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten as the friend, hero, and one of the best damn schlockheads out there that the world has to offer.

There are other numerous websites that are now offering their memories and parting words concerning John Polonia's passing. Please take a moment to check them out to get a better understanding of who he was and how much of a loss this is to all of us schlockheads out there.

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