Monday, June 6, 2011

Peel and Stick Blood Splatters

On occassion when making a film, especially a horror flick, or even a live-action roleplaying game, the need to have a few blood splatters or pools of the red stuff may be needed. 

However, a challenge might be presented with the location or set being used when the red stuff absolutely must not touch the walls or floor in fear of ruining them.  So what does one do in such a situation?

The answer is to find a company that makes peel and stick blood pools and splatters and thanks to Eric Hart from Props Agenda I found the perfect place that make your own custom made blood splatters, pools, and even hand prints and more. 

The site can be found here and they do need at least two weeks notice for any custom made work and you will need to email or call the company for price quotes.  But one look at what amazing pieces can be made you will not want to go anywhere else. 

I highly recommend this company for anyone needing such a prop, and in my business I always could use them.
Go here for more details.

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