Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's no secret that I dig rubber monster suits. The more DIY and low-tech it's made, the better. I found this over at Youtube, and just had to share it with you. I don't know the full story about THE FLEA PEOPLE, but you have to love the whole project.

Now, for the monster suit, this is what the notes with the clip had to say:
Laryy built the prototype mould full size iin his usual papier mache' fashion. THEN, with a coat of Viva paper towels and liquid latex painted over the creature, the sculpture became a POSITIVE mould to shape the costume. Oncetthe latex skin has cured, Larry carefully cuts away the skin from the mould, then carefully reassembles it with more liquid latex.
You gotta love it! For more details go to the clip's Youtube page here.


Da Weave said...

Thanks' for posting that, some fun stuff. Good to see you back on the schlock scene.


Tim Shrum said...

Thanks. I am moving at the speed of a snail, but the schlock is still running through these ol' veins of mine.

Anonymous said...

I know these people! This was filmed in Phoenix. Jeff Cochran, one of the cameramen, made the movie "American Alien" and Baron Dixon, the flea in this one, plays the lead role. Phoenix was fun place for the arts in the 90s. All sorts of things were emerging.

Tim Shrum said...

It's a shame that this flick was never made. It looked like it could've been a hoot.