Friday, July 13, 2007


I had this dream last night, and believe it or not I wasn't even thinking of what today is. Yet, during the night I had this dream of myself running around, like a chicken without a head, warning people that I just saw Jason rise from Crystal Lake. Everyone would throw me quizzical looks and they all asked the same question, Jason who? Jason who? Jason Vorhees! Are you kidding me!?

Anyway, that went on for the length of the dream with a few Jason chasing me scenes. All in all, it was like one of the lamer sequels of the film's franchise. Hours later did I realize it was Friday the 13Th. I guess somehow all of this talk of recent about the film's and Jason seeped into my subconscious and took hold.

I am on page five of the screenplay. It's going to be frickin' great. It's cheap, the visual effects are minimal, and there are a few groovy props that need to made. Oh, and of course robes and masks for a cult in the flick. Stay weird!

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