Thursday, August 23, 2007


I've been having problems sleeping these past few weeks, and now it's finally taking it's toll on me. I am bone tired and all I can think of is sleep.

The main reason for the loss of sleep is, as a family man, trying to juggle being the dad and husband while at the same time cramming several projects by burning midnight oil. Not the best technique, yet it's the only choice that I have.

The writing is still going good, but it doesn't feel like there is a rythm to it. There are no beats. I am cutting back on the talky-talky and the scenes are bit fast and to the point. However it isn't gelling together in my mind. I think part of the reason is that there are too many characters. I might just have to trim the fat, sort of speak.

Another thing that is bothering me is that I am writing about a page or two a day. Not the two to three pages a day that I was aiming at. I have to try harder or work faster, maybe a bit of both.

Stay weird!

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