Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Continuing the subject on the use of models and forced perspective, filmmaker Fred Olen Ray shows yet another brilliant trick that he used for the film ACTIVE STEALTH via the Retromedia Forums. Seriously, check out his site, it's as groovy as owning a copy of CINEMAGIC magazine.

From the messageboard:

Here are two frame grabs from ACTIVE STEALTH that show the small store-bought stealth model kit in action. I had the neighbor kid build the model fro $10 and it turned out pretty nice, but it was VERY small -- maybe 12 inches long... You can see Daniel Bladwin running up to it in one shot and the we actually had the balls to try to put a live person in the cockpit! The guy was sitting on the top of a ladder and we lined up the cockpit window with him and he put on his helmet, etc. It was really very well executed. I never would have figured it to work, but it DID!

Total cost maybe $25.

More Forced Perspective how-to can be found here.

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