Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Forced Perspective VFX: Nuclear Hurricane

Filmmaker Fred Olen Ray has been very generous in letting me share these with you two pics of a scene, shot using the forced perspective method, from his latest film, Nuclear Hurricane

The first pic below shows a shot which utilized forced perspective and a foreground model placed inside a matte box which has miniatures built inside of it.  Think of it as a miniature studio set which is being combined in camera with the background.

The reactor in the middle is a salad bowl that Fred Olen Ray picked up from a Walmart.  Actor Jack Scala stands a distance away in front of the the camera as part of the background to achieve the ultimate illusion that he is standing inside a nuclear reactor room.
Here is what the final shot looks like:
Pretty damn cool, right?

Many thanks to Fred Olen Ray for sharing this with us. To find out more about Fred Olen Ray be sure to check out his official site at or join his official Facebook page to keep up to date with his films and current related news.

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