Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Backyard FX Alternatives

For those who don't know, sadly, Backyard FX has ended after a good run of many fantastic tutorials.  But fear not, I have found a few alternatives that you may dig:  Also don't forget your dear ol' Lost in Schlock as well.

The Frugal Filmmaker - a great how-to site that is DIY moviemaking centric for those on a low budget.  This is a great place to find tutorials on how to build camera rigs, lighting techniques, and much more.

Film Riot - Film Riot is another amazing site which is a good blend between what the Frugal Filmmaker has to offer and Backyard FX in terms or special effects and props.  Tons of good can be found there.

Quick FX - here is a brilliant Youtube channel from host Dave who some Backyard FX fans may remember was a runner-up to host Backyard FX during the search to replace Eric back in the day.  What makes this place one of the better sites is that Dave's tutorials are like watching video versions of Cinemagic.  All of his prop builds and visual effects how-to's are very practical, cheap, and easy to pull off.  Well worth the visit.


Scott Eggleston said...

Wow, thanks for the nod! I've found a lot of great information here as well.

Tim Shrum said...

You're welcome. Your site is one of the the best and one of my personal faves.