Sunday, January 15, 2012

Replica Prop Forum Hacked!

Just got word that the Replica Prop Forum was hacked.  Here are the details sent to me by one of the moderators:

There is a FAKE SITE at
They have your password (with a little work), regardless of whether you have logged into the fake site or not. So you need to change your password... AND PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU SEE in your address bar when you change your password.
We do not know the extent of what they have and don't have, so just assume that they have EVERYTHING (password, email address, saved pm's, etc).
Please just stop using / testing at all.
The hacker has now duplicated our Facebook page for the RPF.
Please go to this page and report it to Facebook by scrolling to the bottom and choosing Report Page from the Left hand side. From the Report Screen choose "Duplicate or miscategorized Page", then choose "Duplicate of another Page" from the drop down. Finally, type in "Replica Prop Forum" and our icon should come up.
I also suggest reporting it also as spam too.
Show your support at the REAL Facebook page:
Please share this with your friends so others aren't fooled into going to this fake page.


Anonymous said...

I just signed up over there before I saw the hacked message.Any suggestions on what I should do?

Tim Shrum said...

My only advice would be to contact the admins at the real site which can be found here:

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