Friday, May 25, 2012

UPDATE! Enter the Specter Studios Custom Props Contest Give-Away

Update:  The winner of the custom prop contest is Ed Schrecengost!  It was a tough decision coming down to two contestants.  However as much as I lovede the Youtube video that Kat had made, the baseball bat ultimately goes to Schrecengost for his zombie baseball team haunted hayride idea which sounds like real ghoulish fun.  Congrats to Ed.  Ed if you would please email me at kidschlocko(at) and send me your name and address so that Specter Studios can send you the prop.  Many thanks to everyone who participated.

Specter Studios which has been creating some amazing custom props and masks has joined Lost in Schlock to give away one of their own custom props.  A prop which is valued at $45 dollars.  The prize is a ultra realistic baseball bat which is made from soft foam and latex materials which has a dowel rod core for support.  It is incredibly realistic which includes a nice faux wood grain finish to add to it's realism.

The baseball bat is one of the the many cool and ghoulish custom props one can find at Specter Studios.  Their site can be found at and you can become a fan on Facebook by clicking on the like button on their page at 

The Rules of the Game:

To enter the contest just comment below and tell me what kind of project you would use the prop and how.  The project can be a home haunt, a haunted attraction, or even your own indie horror movie.

You can only enter the contest once.

The person who comments below with the best project will win the contest and the winner will be announced on May 25th.  So be sure to return to this page on that day to see if your name has been chosen so that I can get your contact info so that Specter Studios can send you the prize.

All contestants must be within the continental U.S. only.  (those in Alaska or Hawaii cannot enter)

For a better look at the prop and for more details be sure to check out Specter Studios website at or go directly to the prop's own page.

Good luck!


Cydney said...

I'd dress up as a zombie-hunting scootergirl for Halloween! Real bats get so heavy. . .

Ed schrecengost said...

I'm all about a flesh eating zombie baseball team with like 3 zombies one or 2 with bats or gloves and at least one with blOody catcher gear on, it would be a awesome scene for our haunted hay ride. Maybe put a back stop up with a home plate to make it look real awesome

Xavier said...

I'm volunteering at a local haunt this year and if I had this bat I would use it for my homicidal maniac character and terrorize the small children waiting in line for the non-scary hayride like I did last year. You're never too young to have the ever-loving crap scared out of you, and in the end everyone has a fun night. The parents loved it last year, and I hope to be able to accomplish the same this year.

Anonymous said...

Instead of telling you in comment form we did a video showing you how we would use the bat instead. Hope you Enjoy it.