Friday, February 23, 2007


Life is a bit of a wreck at the moment. Life is not easy when dealing with a stubborn pug, a child, and your dreams soemwhere in the middle.

However, life is getting back into it's rythm, which I hope will enable me to get back into track.

I did manage to finish the consoles on the UFO set and the roof is now finished. Me and the kid started to paint the interior black. The kid had a blast, and why not? When all you have to do is paint the interior black, you can't do no wrong.

I still have to add a few more panels and maybe a door. We might just use a shower curtain for the door as a nod to PLAN 9 with a door being added later when the set is reused for other films.

I haven't written a word lately, but hope to do so soon. I have a few ideas kicking around on the double feature idea and once again I got the idea from a earlier master, Fred Olen Ray, from his book THE NEW POVERTY ROW.

On the chapter concerning himself and AIP, Inc., was the mention of what to do when faced with the reality that what you are creating may be already have been done a dozen times over. The idea here is to add some quirkiness to it or a twist. Anything to make the flick standout in the crowd.

Stay weird!

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