Thursday, March 1, 2007

AS A BEE....

All pots are boiling on every burner that I got going and admist it all I am still trying to be Mr Mom. The UFO set is being painted black now. The roof went up the other day and the consoles are about 90 percent completed.

The Fred Olen Ray book, THE NEW POVERTY ROW, really has me thinking. I may for sure scrap the Satanic Cult Script and write some sci-fi horror flicks. Afterall, since I am building the set for the music vid, might as well use it for a few other flicks before it has to be torn down or stored somewhere. I have a few ideas kicking around and having been writing down notes. Hopefully, this will all work out in the end.

Speaking of Fred Olen Ray, what I dug about his past experiences in making flicks was how all of his fellow filmmaker buddies would trade or donate sets, costumes, props, and even rubber monster suits to him for free or next-to-nothing. This would allow him to crank out more movies at a faster and cheaper pace. I am going to start something real soon that will help filmmakers out there get the same sort of barter trade system going again. Soon. Real soon.

Stay weird!

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