Monday, April 16, 2007


The past few days have been crazy here in Okieland. We've had storms almost non-stop and weather in the mid 40's, and now warmer weather is on the horizon.

The garage is getting warm again which means I can get back to work on the spacecraft set. It's insane to think about how long I have been working on this thing which will probably amount to no more than 30 seconds of screen time. But I will use the hell out of it on my own flicks, so there is little wasted.

On a whim I went to a obscure mom and pop bookstore which boasts the largest Magazine rack in all of Tulsa, and by god they were not kidding! There were at least five classic horror titles to choose from and three to four mainstream. Not to mention all of the filmmaking-related mags they had. I was in heaven. The best part, they have a old soda fountain that's been there since the early 50's or something.

At the moment I am making more small console panels and buttons and dials. Nothing too exciting, yet it has to be done.

Effectslab-wise, I am still practicing and getting more and more used to it. I can't wait to try and use some effects in actual flicks. I've been considering hiring myself out freelance as well to make some pocket money and to learn as well. Something affordable for all indie underground filmmakers.

Gotta get back to work. Stay weird!

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