Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I still have not decided on if I should take the offer to design the site. Hell, I am not that sure if the offer is standing or was even real to begin with. Things have been rough these past few days both financially and personal, so a extra bit of cash wouldn't wound me a bit.

However, I got burned real bad on the last design gig. Through no one's fault, really. All I can say is that I wish there was more clear thinking as to what was wanted and needed, not to mention the foresight to realize that sometimes you have to take small steps, and can't just run out the gate thinking you're going to be the next Amazon.

Anyway, enough of me whining. I am still working on the set and should have some new pics in a few days. Writing is still a ongoing challenge, and I am working on some new ideas for creating cheaper creature puppets.

I've been thinking of starting to hike. Yet, I am not sure if I am what you would call hiking material. It sometimes sounds fun, but I can barely step out on my own porch during the summer.

Stay weird!


Anonymous said...

This might help you with constructing creature puppets.

-Atomic Mystery Monster

Tim Shrum said...

Cool link! Thanks Atomic.