Friday, July 27, 2007


After days since having another tooth pulled, I am still in pain-lots of pain. I finally convinced the dentist to allow myself the privilege of seeing another dentist at the office, since the first would be gone for the weekend.

At first the second dentist had the frightening notion that I may still have a bit of tooth left somewhere in the gums. In no way did I like the sound of that. But as it turned out, nothing too serious, I just have inflammation and a spot of bacterial infection. Nothing that antibiotics and painkillers won't fix.

Work wise, I did manage to finally discover what I was doing wrong when it came to exporting clips in After Effects. I was just using the wrong settings, duh! The weird thing is I tried what everyone recommended to no avail, yet when I experimented with other settings it was all fried gold from that point on.

I forgot to mention that I did some dumpster diving a few weekends back and scored some more Styrofoam parts and a hammer what I affectionately call the "Ten-Dollar Hammer". This weekend I plan on going out again and to see what I can score.

I haven't been writing again, but I have this plan that I am going to attempt next week. I'll clue everyone in next Monday when I start.

As for the UFO cockpit set. I'm still working on it. Some stores around here have begun selling Christmas lights which I desperately have been needing.

Oh, I also forgot to mention this, after the dentist I took the family out to Garden Ridge where they have been setting up this year's Halloween decor and supplies. After a rough set of days this was a much needed treat.

I got a huge kick seeing how excited my daughter was seeing all of the new Halloween stuff. This year's newest must have item for myself is a small half-spider half-woman thing that crawls, makes eerie sounds, and looks like Sadaka from RINGU. The name of it is Donna of the Dead. How groovy is that?

Stay weird!

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