Friday, July 6, 2007


Here are some groovy things made from paper mache.

Notes clipped from the vid:
Our 2006 Halloween Yard Display consisted of: Five, nine-foot high skeleton creatures. Each piece for the skeletons were created individually then attached to a support frame made from 2x4's. The support structure had to be very strong to withstand the 50 mph winds that we get every year around Halloween. The individual pieces were skulls, jaws, ribcages, hands and forearm bones.

In addition, 13 tombstones, 2 top hats and 2 scythe blades were also created to complete the display. A variety of papier mache techniques were used during the creation including the traditional layering of newspaper strips and papier mache clay. The end result consumed over 125 pounds of newspaper and over 90 pounds of flour.

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