Monday, July 23, 2007


The last few days have been both stressful and painful with alternating degrees of highs and lows. Last week someone dear to me passed away and it was a huge loss to my wife especially.

Friday morning discovered that the tooth I've mentioned was pretty much dead on arrival. The solution? Extraction. A procedure that took six shots of Novacaine and lots of cutting and pulling. Not fun.

Straight from the dentist with a missing tooth to a wake three towns over followed by a funeral the next day which me and the wife missed due to the fact we ended up thirty minutes towards Texas. We got lost in so many backroad towns that all I could think of was all of those mutant redneck cannibal flicks and wondered why I watched so many of them at that moment.

Life for me has not been enjoyable at all. Tomorrow, because of the pain I am still in, I have another appointment with the dentist. Sigh. On the bright side, I'm back and blogging again. Stay weird!

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