Friday, August 31, 2007


Fall is just around the corner and cooler weather means getting back into my trial and error of making creature suits and puppets. I have a few ideas and one being something that resembles Dagon or it's followers. I like it because I can redress and recolor the suit for other flicks.

This time around because I still can't sew a body suit, I am going to try two other wild methods. The first being just take thin sheets of foam rubber and cobble it together ala SPLATTER BEACH. The second idea would be to create a paper mache form and paint latex over and later stripping the mache off. A good example of that method can be found here in a previous post of mine.

I'll keep you posted when I have more to show. Stay weird!


Anonymous said...

Duct tape can get good results, too.

-Atomic Mystery Monster

Tim Shrum said...

That is cool. I wonder if latex can be painted unto it. Thanks for sharing the link, Atomic!