Friday, October 26, 2007


I've been exhausted these past few days and it is beginning to effect my dreams. Two nights ago I dreamed that I was in my teens and a group of rowdy friends and I planned on pulling a heist at actor Paul Reuben's house. Yeah, Pee-Wee, don't ask-I have no idea why either.

Anyway, in the dream I had made the foolish mistake of leaving a itinerary at his house which had listed the time I was going to come back to rob him. So he of course waited while we showed up at the schedule time and scared the wits out of us.

The twist, the kicker, the whatever, of it all was that he had planned the heist himself and was actually a Professor-X type and his house was actually a school for gifted mutants. The heist was to see what me and my friends powers were. It was all a test. So soon we find ourselves adopted by Pee-Wee and became part of the Herman's Mutants or whatever the hell the group was called. Man, I need some real sleep, and better dreams.

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