Monday, January 21, 2008


Man, oh, man. Life is sucking hard right this moment here at the ol' HQ. For days now I've been trying to work out a payment plan with a debt collector. I admit to the debt and they understand that, of course, yet refuse to work out a reasonable repayment plan.

So in their infinite wisdom now want to sue me for the money owed, plus fees, and probably twice the amount owed. This of course makes no sense at all. If I couldn't pay the balance owed in full then what makes them think I could repay twice the amount.

I called a attorney I sorta know and the long short of it is he wants me to file bankruptcy. Not really the option I want to choose, but there you have it. I wanted to see if I could work out a repayment plan that was reasonable and he wants to me to screw my credit history for seven years. I really don't know what's worse at this point.

I have appointment to speak with said attorney this week to see if I can even file bankruptcy and if not then who knows...

Posts here are going to be light for the next few weeks. Stay weird!

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