Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As mentioned I was looking at having to file bankruptcy but, as one could imagine, mention the word alongside attorney to a debt collector then everything is sunshine and rainbows-sorta.

The short version is that I was able to work out a deal to keep me from being sued and ruining my credit any further with the big B. The downside is that I had to pay upfront hell lot of money wiping out my tax refund hence my movie project and monster making funds. Not to mention I will now be hustling from here till two years later just trying to pay off the rest.

In some ways I wish I went ahead and filed bankruptcy. However I hate the idea of rolling over and giving up. Ed Wood fought against stacked odds and never once gave up. I of course don't want to die on a couch with a frozen frightened grimace on my face like he did, but I do want to stand up and keep fighting.

So what next? I will probably will have to try and sell most of my stuff on ebay or Amazon and maybe have a garage sell or three. This does not necessarily mean that I will not be working on the sci-fi project, the music vid, or monster making. It just means that my stride will not be as quick and I will have to use my wits against my budget. Stay weird1

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