Monday, February 4, 2008


Tried to import some test footage into my computer but it seems that my PC is too bogged down with software or something. I keep dropping frames every few seconds of footage imported. One dropped frame is okay, three is so-so, but when you have a dozen or more and almost no salvageable footage then you have problems.

Googling for answers is like fishing with a piece of thread and a Cheeto in the middle of a ocean. No matter how close you are, you can never get it right. Everyone on the internetz has one answer or another. It's like people telling you their home remedies for a zit. Everyone has their own ideas, but you never get a straight enough solution.

In my case it can be a piss-poor video card (very possible), too much software (very likely), too much software running in the background, not enough RAM, no extra hard drive space that is dedicated or RAID. The list goes on.

I am kinda-sorta considering getting a Mac with Final Cut installed. Because it seems like whenever someone has problems with a Mac the error can be narrowed down to three or less reasons and not a dozen or more like it does with a PC.

The downside to it all is that for one I am now on a far greater limited budget due to debts owed and all that. So getting a Mac would be like buying a new house. It's a serious investment that I just need time to consider not to mention confer with the wife. So in the meantime I am just left searching the internet for a short term fix.

Stay weird!

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