Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Are in search of a supernatural flick to direct or produce but don't have the time to write the script? No problem! Apparently someone on E-Bay is selling such a script at the reasonable price of $550,000.00 It even includes free shipping! And they say you can't find bargains on E-Bay anymore. What a steal!

If $550,000.00 is a bit too rich for you, then there is another that can be had for only $500 which is actually far more reasonable and has the marketable title TURN ME ON DEADGIRL. To be honest the plot seems even more durable and easy to sell on a audience than the first does.
(tip of the hat to the awesome blog Your Video Store Shelf)

I just can't help but to wonder if the pricing of the script was done by mistake. I really hope for the sake of the writer it is.

Speaking of selling scripts on E-Bay has anyone ever tried to do the same and what were the results?

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