Monday, March 3, 2008


UPDATE #1: A few more tributes can be found at these links:

Wicked Pixel Cinema's Tribute to John Polonia written by Eric Stanze
A fan's tribute
Cinema Slave's tribute

UPDATE #2: John Polonia's last film is MONSTER MOVIE which will have a special tribute feature added to the DVD disc. The flick is expected to hit storeshelves sometime in August from Tempe Video.

The tributes in honor of John Polonia and his untimely passing seem to keep coming in. John Oak Dalton has posted some links. So I am in turn sharing them here for all of you to read and hopefully discover how great of a guy he was.

(clip via Coolduder)

Doug Waltz Tribute
DVD Maniacs Forum Thread on John Polonia
Fangoria Magazine's article concerning John's death
John's Obit
Time and Cigarettes post

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