Friday, April 18, 2008


Filmmaker Fred Olen Ray constantly amazes me at some of the forced perspective shots that he has used in his films. His methods prove that, whenever possible, always try to do in camera tricks as opposed to doing a shot in digital post with CGI. It saves both time and money, something you need both of to continue on to your next project.

Here is yet another brilliant example of his from his site Retromedia. Swing by the site and buy some of his DVDs when you get a chance.

Snipped from Retromedia Forums

Poking around today I found this frame enlargement of a foreground miniature we did on COUNTER MEASURES...

Back in the Royal Oaks days we were always threatening a missile strike from a submarine, but never got any farther than a stock shot... I decided I'd break the cycle and have our actors actually see the missile... and it's starting to rise into firing position!

Not authentic probably, but fairly impressive. It's built in a box with a square cut-out so our actors can be seen looking down. The yellow rail in front of them is part of the real set that we painted to match. Everything else is a model.

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