Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Last week I mentioned the four-minute film school that comic artist/filmmaker Rob Schrab taught which concerned his style of puppetry called "Drawless Animation".

Inside that film school was a glimpse of the Ringwald and Molly puppets that he used for the RINGWALD AND MOLLY show which had a run of a few episodes. These episodes were originally made for Channel 101, but like most great shows on the site it was later voted out or what they call being canceled.

Today I thought that I would post some episodes that I found on Youtube to give you a better idea of how cool Rob Schrab's chosen style of puppetry can be and how you too can do the same thing on quite an inexpensive budget. Be sure to buy the DVD if you get a chance.

I do feel that I should warn some of you that some episodes do have certain themes that could be considered NSFW but only by squares. Dig it!

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