Thursday, July 3, 2008


One of the many forms of art that I dig is papier mache. You can create almost anything from some of the simplest supplies including bits of newspaper and glue. If you don't believe me check out these links:

The Papier Mache Workshop - a group that has formed on Hauntspace, a site similar to Myspace but geared home and business haunters, which discusses paper mache techniques, tips, and a gallery to show off some of their work. A highly recommended site to check out. If anyone signs up for Hauntspace let me know if it's worth the effort.

The Papier Mache Resource - a UK based site that has become the premier site for anyone who really wants to get serious with their papier mache skills. There are tons of mache based artwork to be found here for inspiration and of course tutorials on getting you on the right path.

Dr. Squid - my good friend Joe Sherlock has been making groovy papier mache monsters and giant insects for quite some time now and uses them in various of his own horror flicks. His blog is well worth a look for those wondering if you too can do the same thing for your next movie.

And if you are skeptical about what can be made with papier mache then let me show this to you:This is from artist Kim Graham and this just shows you that, yes, anything is possible when it comes to this art form.

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