Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is not a hundred percent a puppet-centric web serial. However, it does feature a sock puppet who is just called Sock Baby whose destiny it is to be the Sock Baby Jesus of the Sock World. It makes sense if you watch the series.

Here is a little behind the scenes info for you: the series is created by Doug TenNapel who among many things created EARTHWORM JIM and the memorable cult game NEVERHOOD which used stop-motion animation for it's graphics. Recently he was behind the short-lived cartoon series CATSCRATCH.

If you dig the entire series then you will glad to know that a fourth episode is in the works which will feature the talented Doug Jones (HELLBOY II) and John and Dan Heder (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE).

If possible, can anyone drop me some info on the stars of the first three episodes. I know that they play a larger role behind the scenes but I can't seem to find any info as of yet.

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John Allen Soares said...

These were fun to make. Thanks for posting them!