Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's a bit difficult finding any good reference material or video tutorials on building a ventriloquist dummy out there on the intertubes. Fortunately, I found this website which has kindly written a complete how-to on building one on your own. The whole thing can be read online and it's free. Check it out.

I also wholeheartedly recommend Mr D's Daily Ventriloquist's Journal. It's a blog which is written by artist, ventriloquist performer, and often restorer all things related to the topic.

The cool thing about his blog is not only do you pick up a few tricks of the trade on puppetry and their occasional need for restoration, but you can honestly see how much the writer loves what he does. Well worth a visit.

2 comments: said...

Tim when I was a kid (12-14) I bought several tapes from the Maher Studios. Learned soooo much. Mainly from a vent named Colonel....somebody. Was it Bill Boley? Fuzz on that. Still have my puppets - some bought some made.

Tim Shrum said...

That is way cool. The thing I like about the Maher studios and the blog is how it's like reading a blog from a guy who could be your grandfather. Tons of good stuff there. Have you made any vents yourself?