Friday, June 11, 2010

Big Daddy (BIOSHOCK) Costume Update

I'm still working on the pre-design of the suit.  Everything regarding the suit is going a lot slower than I would like.  However, the goal is still to get it done before October and that is the plan, Stan. 

My next step is that I am going to take the diagram found at Volpin Props and print out a life size mock up of it using Rasterbator.  This will hopefully give me some idea as to how big the suit will be and what needs to be done. 

I got the idea from the behind-the-scenes vids of Hellboy 2 regarding the Wink (Troll) creature suit.  According to the Rasterbator program I can expect to print out 200 sheets of paper per side of the suit.  I might have to go to Office Depot for some printer ink and paper.

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