Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspiration: The Miniature Art of Lori Nix

All hand made and no Photoshop

The miniature artwork of Lori Nix is simply amazing and awe inspiring pieces of a alternate reality.  The level of detail that is put into each of Nix's dioramas is insane.  There is no photoshop trickery whatsoever.  It takes patience to do what she does and she must have it in spades.  For anyone remotely interested in miniatures for film or as a hobby you owe it to yourself to read on.

Snipped from Boing Boing:
The twist is that Nix's photos aren't Photoshop manipulations -- they're real images of tiny, painstakingly detailed dioramas that Nix has designed just for this project. Nix built the 3-D scenes in her living room on nights and weekends with the help of an assistant, with each one taking anywhere from two to fifteen months to complete. Nix shot the dioramas on normal 8x10 film, making her minuscule creations -- about 20 x 24 x 72 inches small -- appear nearly indistinguishable from full-size scenes.
To see a slideshow gallery of her artwork click here.

(hat tip to Boing Boing)

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David Crisp said...

I recently tortured myself with a little Canadian science fiction show called "StarLost". Think 1970's Mennonites in space...

Anyway, they had intended to use an ambitious new filming technique where the actors were filmed on blue screen. A second camera mimicked the movement of the first camera but filmed inside miniature sets. Theoretically, the two images would then be merged and the directors would be able to put their actors in amazing, unlimited, 3D sets on a very low budget.

It didn't work, of course, but these wonderful miniatures reminded me of the process.