Monday, January 24, 2011

Make a Foam Latex Crowbar The Easy Way

In numerous films or stage productions when a weapon is used in a stunt or is thrown at an actor, more often than not, it is a foam rubber casted copy.  This is obviously done for safety reasons.  To make a foam copy of a weapon the most commonly used technique is to build a plaster cast over the prop and then fill the mold with foam rubber. 

The weapon copy is then painted to match the original as close as possible to achieve realism.  As good as a technique it is, it still can cost a bit of money for a weapon that may only be used for a meere fifteen seconds of actual screen-time.

However, over at Backyard FX is a cool tutorial on how to make a foam latex crowbar cheaply and without the trouble of making a plaster mold and all the mess associated with it.  The same skills shown on the tutorial can, with a bit of practice, be used to make other foam weapons.  As a word of caution, whenever you are using fake weaponary of any kind always use extreme caution and make sure that every inch of the prop is safe.  Lawsuits and deaths can but quite the damper on a film project.

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