Monday, January 22, 2007


The winter storm has come and went. The much hyped snow storm was just that-hype. Nothing more. Last Friday in expectation of the whole event I spent triple on my usual grocery spending expecting to be holed up in the homestead, but there was never any snow and now my wallet is starving.

However, things could be worse. There are still some small towns nearby that haven't had any electric for nine days now.

Work is a bit slow these few days. Been working out what to do with my blogs content and design-wise. I think I finally have discovered what needs to be done.

Writing is at a standstill. This winter is just screwing with my the way I feel these days.

The UFO building actually picked up a bit today. I created the other half and just thing to do a few more things to each side before I can join them and add a roof. Hopefully I will have some pics for you when all is said and done.

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