Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I had a good work momentum going last week when the weather seemed far more gracious than it is does this week. In the next several days or more I can look forward to a winter mix, sleet, cold rain, and patches of ice.

Ever since the ice storm knocked out power for almost eight days I tend to get jumpy whenever the weatherman mentions ice, freezing rain, or winter mix. Not good at all.

As if that is not enough, I got the damn cold again. My family can't seem to shake it away from us. One of us gets it and becomes well enough a week later only for someone else to take on the virus. It's like a Ebola relay race of some sort. It's a real hoot, I say with a strong hint of sarcasm.

I also can't do any latex work until the weather improves. So all I can do is write, which is not so bad, but with my head stuffed up the way it is, I can't seem to think straight. So that is where I am work-wise for the rest of the week. Stay weird!

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